Essential Guidelines for Agniveer Aspirants Before and After Recruitment Rally

Do's Before Rally:

  1. Physical Preparation: Begin training at least 2-3 months ahead, focusing on the 1.6 Km run and other physical tests to meet the required standards.

  2. Documentation: Ensure all necessary documents are prepared and organized according to the recruitment office's requirements.

  3. Clarify Doubts: Address any queries or uncertainties by reaching out to the nearest Recruitment Office for clarification and guidance.

  4. Medical Precaution: Seek treatment for minor medical conditions to prevent rejection during the medical examination.

  5. Eligibility Review: Thoroughly review the eligibility criteria to apply for the most suitable trade or category.

  6. Document Correction: Rectify any discrepancies or inconsistencies in your documents, such as variations in names between 10th and 12th-grade mark sheets.

  7. Tradesmen Aptitude Test: If applying for the Tradesmen category, prepare for the Tradesmen Aptitude Test accordingly.

Do's After Rally:

  1. Medical Review: Attend the medical review promptly, especially for cases of temporary or permanent unfitness (21 days for permanent, 42 days for temporary).

  2. Written Exam Preparation: Prepare diligently for the Common Entrance Exam (CEE) to perform well and increase chances of selection.

  3. Results Check: Keep track of the result announcement date and personally verify the results either through Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) or by contacting your Area Recruiting Office (ARO).

  4. Documentation Submission: If selected, submit the required documents promptly and prepare for dispatch to the Training Centre on the specified date with all necessary belongings.

Don'ts Before Rally:

  • False Documents: Do not present incorrect or fake documents during the rally.

  • Unauthorized Clarifications: Do not seek clarification regarding recruitment from unauthorized sources outside the Recruitment Office Staff.

  • Health Issues: Avoid attending the rally with major medical ailments, recent surgeries, or unhealed wounds.

  • Bogus Promises: Do not fall for individuals claiming to secure your recruitment for a fee.

Don'ts During Rally:

  • Avoid Touts: Refrain from interacting with unauthorized persons or touts; Army recruitment is free and transparent.

  • Scheduled Dates: Follow the designated schedule for your district or trade; do not attempt to participate on unauthorized dates.

  • Personal Belongings: Do not carry mobile handsets or expensive personal items to the rally site.

  • Misconduct: Avoid engaging in conflicts or arguments with fellow candidates or recruitment staff.

  • Littering and Misbehavior: Maintain cleanliness and decorum at the rally site; refrain from littering or engaging in any antisocial behavior.

Don'ts After Rally:

  • Travel Caution: Avoid unsafe travel practices; do not travel on the roof of buses or trains to or from the rally location.

  • Timeliness: Ensure punctuality for medical reviews, CEE, result declarations, and dispatch to the Training Centre; missing deadlines may jeopardize your candidacy.


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